Salvador’s ‘Panteras Negras’ are The World’s First All Black & Female Instrumental Band

I put it out there to the universe that I wanted to use my time in Salvador to connect with some badass women… I might be on a break from Diversity Matters, but my quest to showcase diverse narratives continues – so meeting band members of Panteras Negras didn’t disappoint!


The main challenge I face in this field, is discrimination. Black woman with a strong personality – people look at me and they don’t believe my in my skills. They actually don’t see me as a capable person… It’s not enough to do our work. We have to wake up every day with high self-esteem to face any challenges in our daily life… All the discrimination we have, they are racial issues” – Zinha Franco.


When I expressed to my good friend Cintia Cruz, founder of Autoestima – O Project, that I wanted to meet other black women and showcase their stories on my blog, the first meeting she organised was to meet Zinha Franco of Estação Zinha – the force behind the Panteras Negras!


Panteras Negras is the world’s first instrumental band in the world formed exclusively by black women. Named after the Black Panthers of the 1960s in the USA who fought against black oppression, Panteras Negras are also revolutionising the typically white and middle-class music industry, especially in regards to rock and instrument music in Salvador. The band members are all women, black and queer, and uniquely communicate their music in a special way despite not having any time for rehearsals due to their work schedules. What you get is talent at it’s rarest form… Imagine if it could be further nurtured through funds so these women can focus 100% on what they love – the music!



Find out more about the Panteras Negras and other projects from Estacao Zinha!

Special thanks to Zinha and all the band members; Makena, Suyá, Deise and Aline! And also Cintia Cruz for organising an amazing meeting – and translating it!

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Sending positive vibes from Bahia!

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