Salvador: It’s not Goodbye

Travelmakerkai Salvador

My stay in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil ended with a collaborative shoot with artist Jan Siebert for a visual idea I had to share some insight into my Salvador trip through film. Jan went along with my ideas and contributed his own creativity… Here’s a quick edit of some of my fav shots in the iconic setting of San Antonio and Pelourinho

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Photoshoot in Pelourinho

Travelmakerkai SalvadorTravelmakerkai SalvadorTravelmakerkai SalvadorTravelmakerkai Salvador

Travelmakerkai Salvador

Travelmakerkai SalvadorTravelmakerkai Salvador

Travelmakerkai Salvador

Pelourinho; the history behind Salvador’s historic centre

Built in 1549 when the Portuguese landed on Brazil’s coast, Salvador da Bahia sits on the coast line of the Bay of All Saints. Despite the beauty of the architecture – literally as though you’re talking into a historical picture book, Pelourinho’s past is one of a grim and brutal past due to the legacy of colonialism. Pelourinho, meaning pillory, was the place where slave were publicly flogged. Today the it’s dark history is juxtaposed with the cheerful vendors, tourists, impressive European architecture, churches, cobbled streets (also known as skulls of the enslaved who’s sweat and blood paved them), amongst other characteristics which have survived through centuries. As a result Pelourinho, is a UNESCO World Heritage site… There so much I’m excited to share from my ‘spiritual journey‘ re-aligning myself in the land of my Tabom ancestors. Thank you for being part of this journey!

Travelmakerkai SalvadorTravelmakerkai Salvador

Travelmakerkai Salvador

Look out for the full vid where I talk about my stay in Salvador; ancestry, identity and a spiritual connection
Video and pictures by Jan Siebert @jansiebertpintura

Travelmakerkai Salvador
Selfie with Jan Siebert in Pelourinho with our coconut treats after a great shoot!

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