iSee: When Harmony went to Hell – Congo Dialogues

Be transported to Congo through a visual dialogue of the country’s brutal past and hopeful future. This photographic exhibition is showing at the Rivington Place, Shoreditch, London. Also checkout upcoming events in relation to this exhibition listed at the end of this post.
This weekend I’ll be focusing on Congo with my blog posts! Stay posted and be sure to follow my student blog:
so you don’t miss out!
Travel Making Kai x

the Educationally Frustrated student

When Harmony went to Hell posterThe poster itself hold no boundaries – and neither does the title. The grim reality of Congo’s tragic past and man’s interests in the animal closely linked to our ancient ancestors, is the face of ‘When Harmony Went to Hell’ exhibition showing at Rivington Place, London.

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Good bye Sharm, Hello Cairo!

Two nights spent in Sharm El Sheikh - check! That's two days out of my 28 day trip done... I'm going according to plan, that's a good start! I knew when I booked my accommodation that I wouldn't want to stay much longer than two days. I'm not a resort sort of person and Sharm... Continue Reading →

Arriving in Egypt

I'm in Africa! My experience last night after landing in Sharm el Sheikh, is the very reason why I shouldn't be doing things last minute when it comes to travel arrangements... Besides booking my accommodation literally, I completely forgot to book the bus transfer from the airport to the Hotel - Aida Better Life... Continue Reading →

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