Made In Medellín: Does My Dark Skin Offend You?

Medellín, Colombia is famous for so many things - Pablo Escobar, city of Eternal Spring, surrounding coffee growing regions, amazing mountain top views... And it's latest arrival - Afro~Vibes! Staying true to my mission to highlight the often unseen 'Blackness' of Colombia, a stop over in Medellín gave me an opportunity to interview Marian Valoyes... Continue Reading →

“the fact that …

"the fact that I'm still alive and there is still a whole world out there I haven't seen yet..." My inspirations. Edrin Kondi on what motivates him to get up in the morning.

Miss ECOWAS Ghana Peace message 2010

MEG 2010: Peace Message 'World Peace...' What does it really mean? It is a cliché often stigmatized with beauty pageants. I believe peace starts from the home, and more specifically- within ourselves.To many of us Ghana is the cradle of Democracy in Africa and a rather peaceful and stable country, but if we scratch below the... Continue Reading →

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