A list of my projects: and interviews:

A Street Success Getting on the streets!
The process towards a Photography project on Africans who’ve built a successful life for themselves working on the streets of Rio.
Central Street Success pt1
Central Street Success pt2
Central Street Success pt3
Central Street Success pt4
Central Street Success pt5
Central Street Success pt6

Kai Li’s Tabom Project An introduction
A personal project which started off with me tracing back my Brazilian ancestry to Salvador, Bahia! I’ve now expanded my research to delve deeper into the Tabom history in general. This project has lead me to Brazil to further my research and gain more insight into the history of the Tabom people.

Journey through History in Brazil… The Malê Revolt

I am Afro-Brazilian
A photographic display on Brazilians who choose to hifinate their link to Africa and proudly wear this label to be Afro-Brazilian.

(post coming soon)

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