Drive-by shooting Haiti… Pt1

Many times during my travels I've been torn between the extent of risk I am willing to take to make each trip fulfilling. The risk starts from the very moment I choose to travel alone. And the added pressure is whether to carry my camera in public to practise another of my passions; photojournalism, or leave... Continue Reading →

‘Fine, fine’ Ghanaian!

Despite being born and bred in London, I'm still very much Ghanaian. And boy am I made to know it! From the strict up bringing, the food I've grown up eating (my favourite being waayche- Ghanaian rice and beans), the countless holidays to Ghana as a child- holiday meaning visiting every aunt and uncle there... Continue Reading →

Her name is Rosa

Her name is Rosa. Like a Rose.  She has big hair.. Be careful she doesn't cast a spell on you!... Or you'll love her as much as I do! Rosa happens to be my friend. In fact not just my friend. She's the best one I have at hand. So, yeah. I guess a best friend.... Continue Reading →

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