Her name is Rosa

Her name is Rosa. Like a Rose. 

She has big hair.. Be careful she doesn’t cast a spell on you!… Or you’ll love her as much as I do!

Rosa happens to be my friend. In fact not just my friend. She’s the best one I have at hand. So, yeah. I guess a best friend.

She’s crazy. We laugh a lot

An awful lot! 

But we also argue. A lot. Usually not so awful thank goodness!

So, just in case you forgot.

That’s Rosa.

And Rosa’s my bestie!!

3 thoughts on “Her name is Rosa

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  1. Hey Kai,
    I like your poem about your best friend, I have a best friend too we have known each other from when we were babies. I recently got into a bit of an argument with her and this poem makes me think about her a lot. I wish she knew how I felt about her, how I remember every good advice she gives me and how we laugh for ages about things we used to do and think back on what we didn’t do and wish we had. She has always helped me and I consider her as family and love her more than my own sisters. My stubborn ways at times don’t allow me to stop and simply say “sorry your right and I’m wrong” but the thought of losing her means life without laughter and joy and because that has happened before, I can’t afford for that to ever happen again. I am a strong believer of love and when you find it you can only work to keep it, no matter what it takes. And reading your poem I feel like yeah she is my best friend but I need to work harder to be her best friend.

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