So, just what is stopping me?

How do I make a career out of my passion for travel?…

I picked up the latest edition of Robert Kelsey’s What’s Stopping You? at Heathrow airport on my way to Addis Ababa this summer. My eye caught the attention of a sunshine yellow book with a very up front title. It questioned me as I hadn’t dared question myself in a long while. If anything was going to get me motivated for the coming academic year, this was the question I needed to ask myself to get the answer.

As much as I come across a free-spirited, confident, independent person, I often question my past and wonder how it shaped me in an unconvensional way. I celebrated my 20something birthday recently (lets just say I’m nearing 30)! Although most people say I’ve still got a lot of time, frankly, I don’t feel that way. Most of my friends from school have their careers, marriage and kids. I’m not saying I’m ready for all those things. However the main quality I feel I lack stability. What’s stopping me from pursuing my passion, my dream to travel the world, and make a career out of it?… A Travel Journalist?

I started questioning my potential in secondary school when I received the highest grade in the year in a mock english SAT’s test. All eyes were on me as never before.  The pressure in surpassing my mock test grade for the actual SAT’s was too much for me to deal with and this could possibly have been my first High F-F (fear of failure) experience academically. So I failed all expectations and got a very average grade… The girl with ‘so much potential’ as my teachers reported each year, left school with just 4 GCSE’s. ‘Fear of failure’ as Kelsey puts it, was installed in me.

Never the less I still manged to leave college with 3 A-Levels (photography, Film Studies and Performing Arts), and an AS in Critical Studies. University should have been at the fore front however I pursued other avenues such as acting and modelling. I was also trained by 3x winner of Best Model Trainer UK, Francis Mathew aka Catwalk Professor. I went on to do pageants, shows and editorials. But fear of ‘judgement’ made me leave the modeling world. So, what was next?… Perhaps my true calling- Travel!

Face of MTN Ghana
Miss ECOWAS GH. I won best ‘Peace Speech’… Hopefully it will become a reality and not just talk!
with catwalk guru- Catwalk Professor (Mr-Fierce)
Top Model Ghana girls in Egypt

I’m now studying for a BA Journalism. It took me a while to realise it’s a tough world out there for a woman without a degree. But, the life experiences I’m gained from my travels have been vital in shaping who I am today.

So the best way to conquer my fears is to question myself. What is stopping you Kai? Would I really be satisfied doing anything else other than Travel Journalism? No? Then get on with it!

So, now I need the skills to help accomplish my career. I’ve got this new blog which I’m using as a haven to write. Constructive criticism is always welcome (actually please be nice because I am technically still sensitive to F-F). Work experience is very important but perhaps the most difficult to gain. This will forever be a catch-22. Employers are looking for applicants with experience however how are you to gain experience if you’re not given a chance?

I’m open to any companies in the media industry that would be willing to offer me some work, internship/work experience.

Thanks to Mathy (whatthejobisthis?!) for the encouragement to write!

Backpack the globe!… Need a Travel Journalist to cover a story? I’m your girl!

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    1. lol! that is funny! Have you you read it all the way through? I have to admit I haven’t and its sitting on my shelf waiting to be picked up again. But at least I know its there if I ever need to refer to it again.

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