#TIMOC: Tourist In My Own City

As a born and bred Londoner, I’ll admit, I don’t view London in the same light as someone who’s new to this city… I’m often excited to book a trip away, than to take the time to explore London in the same effort I would, say, New York City… For too long I’ve taken the magic of my city for granted! So I’m on a mission to fix this – by being a tourist in my own city!



Many of you, from around the world, follow my travels vicaricoauly through my blog, yet I haven’t shown much about the city I call home… London. I’ve read your requests to share more about London (funny how you can know somewhere, but kinda not know it!), so I figured the only way to discover London in a fun way – with a fresh perspective, is to be a tourist!

TMK | Tourist in my own City
#TouristInMyOwnCity: London reviews from a Londoner

Tourist In My Own City

Now that I have both feet firmly grounded on the streets of London (for now anyway), I’m excited to venture into my new project ‘Tourist In My Own City#TIMOC where I’ll be uncovering some hidden (and blatantly obvious) gems in and around London… Starting at my door step, Soho. I’ll be reviewing restaurants, bars, short trip experiences and lots more! On each ‘experience’, I’ll invite a guest to join me – be it a fellow Londoner or an actual tourist, so look out for opportunities to be part of this exciting mission!


TMK | Tourist in my own City

Get involved!

If you’re a London business interested in being featured as an experience on ‘Tourist In My Own City‘, or you’d like to be involved as a guest (tourists and Londoners welcome!) – reach out, I’d love to hear from you!

Special thanks to my fellow Soho neighbour Rebecca Taylor for the pictures.





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