Marrakech weekender… Done and dusted!


enjoying good street food. Creps!
enjoying good street food. Creps!
with my sister… she enjoyed our short trip 🙂
view of Atlas mountains in the distance
preparing for a busy day… the sqaure in the morning

Finally. What was to be part of my Afro-Euro summer; Spain, Italy, Ethiopia and Morocco, the latter was postponed as my travel companion, Rosa, who’s first priority is to be a mother, had to cancel last-minute. My sister kindly offered to take her place and we decided to postpone the date until after Ramadan and the height of tourist season.

Marrakech. The trip that almost didn’t happen. Despite being at the airport in more than enough time to even have a bite to eat, contemplate about ‘to-buy or not-to-buy’ the Ray Bans in duty free (which I didn’t), a minute later than we arrived at the boarding gate, we would have missed the flight!..

I’ve never come so close to missing a flight (and not actually missing it)! I could see myself on Airline (Easyjet TV series) when the passengers are rushing towards the gate and receive a stern ‘The gate is closed. You’re late!’

But it didn’t happen. Instead ‘Are you the lady with the bag?’

So, the lady with the bag i.e who’d checked in a bag, saved us. And the lady was my mate Natalie who travelled with us. Once on the plane and relaxed into our seats, we all seemed to have a silent agreement that we don’t bring up the near-miss of our flight again. And we won’t!

So now in Marrakech. The airport was the first point of excitement with unique decor we knew we weren’t near Heathrow.

I booked an affordable Riad which, had I been travelling with just my sister, I would have had no doubts about its comfort and practical location. However, Natalie likes her comforts, and though I’m not one to be easily persuaded, I can’t help but think maybe I should have splashed out a bit more for the ‘all-inclusive holiday’ on this occasion.

I love markets and getting a good bargain… But after a few hours in the souks, seeing repeats of the same items for sale, knowing you’re still being ripped off despite experienced bargaining skills, and being rudely approached and spoken to… I was done with the whole ‘market’ experience after the first day. For me it was quite draining and took the fun out of shopping.

And the food. I’m a foodian. But unfortunately the food didn’t cut it for me. I think it went down hill from when I asked for falafel and hummus! Instead of telling me they don’t serve falafel and hummus every restaurant insisted that they had some! In the end I lived off omelette and fries two things I don’t intend to eat for a very long time!

‘Oh not another tajine!’ Was an expression I over heard a lady on the plane back home say to her partner.I couldn’t help a silent giggle to myself of acknowledgement when I heard this. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t try a tajine but boy was it shoved in my face so many times.! I don’t eat meat or chicken and their veg dishes didn’t look too appealing. Going into the New Town for lunch or dinner would have been a better option.

On the bright side, I had an interesting experience travelling with my sister and Natalie. And my sister enjoyed it.

Nat’s still in Marrakech as she booked a hotel for after we left. 5* hotel I should mention. With buffet breakfast and buffet dinner!

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