A case of the backpack… or suitcase?

Backpack the globe!… is by backpack big enough?…

Personally, I’m a suitcase kinda girl. Just had to get that out of the way. Any experienced traveller would shamefully cringe after such a confession, but I have to be honest!

There are many pros and cons to having either method of storage, and I believe its how you travel not what you travel with, that makes a fulfilling trip.

Pros of The suitcase

The beloved suitcase. They come in all shapes and sizes… and they have wheels!! So the ground takes most of the weight not my back and shoulders.

  • Can fit more in- I know they say it’s better to travel light… but it means there’s room for a pair of heels!!
  • Keeps your souvenirs safe- I wrap my cloths around any fragile or delicate souvenirs as padding
  • Different compartment makes better organisation
  • They have wheels… enough said!

Of course the down side is it’s easy to over fill your suitcase, not to mention misjudge the weight! And there’s nothing worse than dragging a suitcase through cobbled streets in a foreign country- alerting the whole village know you’re the new tourist in town.

The backpack. I’m told it shouldn’t equal back-pain but I’m yet to discover that.

  • Gives more freedom for ‘up and go’ style of travelling
  • Makes you a more conscious traveller packing necessities due to limited space
  • Take on hiking trips

I usually have the best of both if on long haul flights by travelling with a suitcase and having a backpack as hand luggage. Despite my general dislike for backpacks… Well, I have no other choice but to still own one!


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