Striking down limitations… is the end of the world near?

It’s raining here in Rio. And not just raining but thundering down. It’s taken almost two weeks to arrive as thunder was predicted during the early days of my arrival however it’s only just showed up with a bolt! And then as quick as the rains started it’s ended… And the starts again.

My Carioca flat mate Nubia is quick to suggest

‘It’s the end of the world.’

In her colourful Brazilian accent. Which I have to ask her to repeat twice before I finally get her drift.

‘It’s the end of the world. You know, the-world-will-end they said.’

Yes, they did indeed say the world will end. In a week!

So, I’ve taken this opportunity on a rainy thursday in Rio (I missed salsa in Lapa. Call it a new-found dedication to my blog!) to reflect on my short but intriguing half year as blogger. Gosh time has flown by!

Can I still call myself a new blogger?…

Can I use that as an excuse for the mis-match posts (I call it going off the beaten track, while professional advice says ‘find your niche and STICK to it!), the typos I’m constantly editing (I will eventually get round to correcting any you’ve just noticed… but might be quicker if you send me an email with its exact location), and my struggle to come to terms with exactly how WordPress works;

‘why am I not getting any traffic? Is my blog at the bottom of the pile. Is it that bad?’

No, that’s not exactly true. I’m slowly getting the hang of WordPress and I believe (like God) they help those who help themselves. So, I’ve publicised on facebook that I have a blog with a post I hope will lure in an audience. Yes, facebook friends can know what I’m up to… A scary thought!

Another lighten bolt!

2012 is near an end. It’s been the year that I joined the blogging world. So I guess in a sense that’s the world that’s going to end. I’ll no longer be the newbie.

The rain has stopped.

I’m slowly becoming an enthusiastic blogger. People actually like what I write (they might not comment so but I’ve been told personally!)

I’ve joined the Post A Day challenge (hence why I’m up at stupid o’clock writing this post… AND Roberto’s left his access open! Gosh I love him/her/it. Inside joke but I’ll let you off here’s the post

I’m looking forward to the new year with a new-found charisma for blogging in 2013!

Just one thing, if I may ask (ask and you shall me given no?)

I’d like to reach 3000 before 2012 ends… That’s 3000 hits on my blog!

Any suggestions?!

WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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