I am Afro-Brazilian

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  1. Sou Carioca!
    I love your article and Eu amo Brasil, I totally understand this blog..the sexual objectification of dark skinned brasilian women is one of the first observations/ encounters I saw/ experienced especially in Copacabana at certain “bars” where male tourists frequent, Avenida Atlantica, and looks given to me prior to realizing I am American…However, my question is how successful were you in making friends w Black Brasilian women other than Patricia, I have been coming to Brasil for couple of years and I speak more than enough Portuguese to get around and communicate yet all of my interactions have been w men and you know how that goes.


    1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for your comment.

      I spoke with quite a few Black Brasilian women however not many would actually call themselves “Afro/African-Brazilian”. The discrimination/racism non-white Brazilians go though means they can’t deny there is a “race” issue. However I think the link with Africa is still a bit distant. Much of it is due to lack of education. If all you hear about Africa is negative – from slavery to poverty – you probably wouldn’t want to associate yourself with that heritage (generally speaking).

      Which is why I wanted to highlight Patricia! She’s embraced her African heritage whilst still being proudly Brazilian. It’s really refreshing.
      Bahia, especially Salvador is a different story however. “Black” Brazilians there have done a great job preserving and celebrating their African heritage… I always say I left my heart in Salvador! It was a magical experience I haven’t got around to writing about…


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