Central Street Success pt2

The streets of Central in Rio de Janeiro is the setting for a new project I’ve been working on while in Rio. To the left of Central station lies a bustling Afro-Brazilian community, amongst them live and work African immigrants. Many of whom have lived in Brazil for over 10 years and consider Brazil home. They’ve built a sweet success for themselves by working hard. But what’s to show for it? The streets are paved with historic buildings crumbling from years, decades and perhaps a century of neglect. Many are abandoned and have become home to squatters. Drugs and prostitution is rife… What goes on inside is not the business of an outsider.

Central Street Success is a photographic documentation of 5 native Africans who who work on the streets of Central. Here’s a small taster of the lives of Africans living in Rio.

Nsuka Kalumba, barber (Congo)

Congolese barber
Congolese barber

Why did you choose to come to Rio?

“I came to succeed for a better life.”

Do you feel you have succeed?

“Yes, I’m very satisfied! I worked hard to bring the whole family to down to Brazil. I also have a lot of Brazilians as family.”

How did you start your business?

“I started business in Congo, cutting hair. Then I came to Rio. It wasn’t difficult to start. I just worked hard.”

Is Brazil home? And why?

“Yes. Why? It feels like home. I succeed to bring my family here- my mother and daughter. My house is here. It feels like Africa. Poor people here are happy everyday feels like I live in Africa.”

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