I saw this and thought… wow

I recently booked my ticket to Salvador, Bahia! I’m so excited to get on with my Tabom Afro-Brazilian research and be in town for carnival!

As I stood at the Avianca airport ticket desk waiting for my São Paulo- Salvador- Rio, tickets to be printed my eyes caught the front cover of their latest magazine. To see an Afro-Brazilian woman on the cover of a magazine is unusual (at least it’s not so common from where I stand), so you can imagine my interest to want to know who this beautiful woman is!

Gloria Maria. A journalist!

Please check out this debate ´Black (negro) or African descendant (afrodescendente)? What’s in a term? Three well-known Brazilians weigh in on which term they prefer to define themselves` (http://www.blackwomenofbrazil.com/2012/11/black-negro-or-african-descendant.html#comment-form)


Please tell me, are there any other Black/Afro-Brazilian women highlighted in the media in Brazil?

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