Curves of Architecture: MAC- Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Niterói

This famous creation by Oscar Niemeyer completed in 1996, can be found across the Rio-Niteroi bridge from Rio de Janeiro City. The futuristic building is beyond its time, resembling a floating flying saucer over Niteroi bay.

It’s circular interior exposes stunning panoramic views across Guanabara Bay, along side a range of Contemporary art. The the basement is home to BistroMAC, the museum’s chic restaurant and Cafeteria.

An elegant setting to conduct an exclusive interview with Italian architect Sergio Giorgini during his trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Mirante da Boa Viagem, Niteroi, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel./Fax – (21) 2620-2400 / 2620-2481 website

“This is not architecture – this is a sculpture…”

-Sergio Giorgini.

(All photos are ©Kai Lutterodt)

Sergio Giorgini

What is your opinion on Niemeyer’s influence on architecture, both in Brazil and around the world?

Oscar Niemeyer is one of the maestros of modern and contemporary art. He was one of the pioneer explorers of expressive techniques and construction of reinforced concrete.
His works, often considered ‘architectural sculptures‘; enhanced by the curved line- free and sensual, have become a symbol of visionary architecture. The curved lines, in fact, seem to offer an alternative to the poetic straight lines and right angles of rationalist architecture. A key figure of contemporary architecture, his work has greatly influenced both the architecture of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century.

How long have you been an architect and what led you to participate in this profession?

I’ve been an architect for over ten years. I always wanted to do this job, from an early age. Architecture is my passion, a passion that I always carry with me. I attended the University of Florence, graduating in architecture, specialising in architectural design.

Sergio Giorgini

What does architecture mean to you?

Architecture is the love of my life! And as he said, the great master Niemeyer; “architecture is life!”

When you observe the work of Niemeyer what emotions do you feel?

In Italy I had the good fortune to study and visit two of the most important architectural works of the master; the Palace Mondadori in Segrate and the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer, Ravello. As in all his works, the monumental character and ingenious solutions convey strong emotions and are the light to my eyes.

Sergio Giorgini



What is your opinion on the MAC during this visit to Niterio (Rio de Janeiro)?

Confirmation that it is an architectural work of great aesthetic and functional quality. The MAC, even more than the other works of the master, is a fully integrated architectural sculpture and in harmony with the place where it stands: it is one with the rock, the sea and the beautiful bay overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

Has Niemeyer influenced you in any particular way?

Niemeyer has not only influenced me, but generations of architects and sculptors! Niemyer is the sculptor of architecture. He transformed the normal architect into the sculptural architect. This is the difference.

Sergio Giorgini


Sergio Giorgini


Sergio Giorgini


Sergio Giorgini


Sergio Giorgini



Sergio Giorgini

Sergio Giorgini

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