Fears of a Travel Addict: Beyond the Fairytale

My own hero… Until Prince Charming finds his way!

“… And they lived happily ever after…”

Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there? (Daily Prompt)

How do we value the simplicity of happiness when negative obstacles in our daily lives strip us free of this? Like with airmiles, if I’ve earned it, I’ll gladly claim it to get to my destination; Happiness!

I present to you the realitytale of the Travel Addict!

But first, I must distinguish a Travel Addict from a leisure Traveller. It’s quite simple.

A leisure Traveller seeks; “Happily Ever After…”

After I get a promotion, after the I’ve saved enough money, after the kids have left home, after I’ve lost some weight… After, after, after!

A Travel Addict seeks; “Happily Ever NOW!”

Without shame, Travel Addicts have thrown back into the face of society everything its ever taught us about creating the perfect fairytale ending. Why wait in the tower for Mr. Right to come along when you can visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa… and find Mr. Right Now on your way there?

Why settle for happily-ever-after when you can switch the script without the end? You could potentially happily have new experience, after new experience while on a journey around the world.

With so much on earth to see, contribute towards, experience and explore, it’s no wonder why the bite of the travel bug is so powerful- even if you’re not in the jungle. Once bitten- twice careful rule does not apply to a Travel Addict. The vermin only keeps addicts hungry for more no matter the circumstances.

Travel Addicts are either the free-spirited protagonists in search of discovery through travel, or the unstable antagonist vagabonds roaming the world aimlessly. Our families have been jeopardise and our relationships put on hold. Not to mention the added pressures of friends living vicariously through us, and on top of that, society chooses to envy us!

But would you be so envious of a Travel Addict if you knew about the other T at the end of their tale isn’t Travel or even Therapy but was rather- Troubled!

Yes that right. You’ve been envying a troubled person! More messed up in the head than Sherk believing he could ever be handsome Prince Charming (but we’ll settle for a charming Sherk)! Beyond the fairytale of the Kingdom of Far Far Away, there is a Travel Addict planning an escape from their own reality by doing just that; getting as far far away as possible.

There are obviously some serious underlining problems when a person decides leave the comfort of their surrounds to travel the unknown for an indefinite period of time. And how can one not be troubled when year after year they disappoint family members by choosing to spend special occasions with someone else’s family, in someone else’s country? And you know for sure you’re a Travel Addict when your family have given up inviting to family gatherings, because the ‘short notice‘ excuse has long expired.

Travel Addicts could possibly be the only types of addicts that go unnoticed through the tightest of airport security undetected. Even the latest modern technology scanners cannot read us. Our country’s passport control is happy to see us leave, while another country’s immigration staff welcome us by stamping our black book of troubles. “Have a nice stay.”

It’s interesting how Travel disguises ‘addict‘ to make it sound… Like a fairytale! Does drug addict sound like a fairytale? Didn’t think so. It’s socially inspiring when someone announces they’re selling all their provisions to ‘up and go travelling!’

But if an alcoholic did the same to feed their addiction, wouldn’t we frown with disapproval and suggest they seek help? Like any addiction, there are serious side effects that come after the high- no matter how short or long lived the experience.

With the weight from carrying our demons; the burdens of emotional incapability or unstably to face reality and a longing for our next fix, tucked deep in the heavy backpacks on our shoulders. Plus the pressures of many living vicariously through us, how can a Travel Addict seek help the way an alcoholic seeks help? Can a Travel Addict turn up at the doctors surgery seeking a way out of their addiction to wanting to find a distant reality without being mocked? What’s the doctor going to prescribe anyway?!

A plane ticket?!

Like any addiction, there are consequences and sacrifices that have to be made. And lets be frank, mental health isn’t out of the equation when one chooses to not to live with the setting society has handed to them, but rather create their own unheard of ‘happily ever after..’

So next time you choose to envy a travel addict, stop and wonder if you’d sacrifice your stable surroundings to enter the mental institution of the big wide world?…

Will “Happily Ever After…ever be enough for you?

Any travel addicts out there? We’re literally on the same flight!

Would love to hear your opinion.


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