Beach, Mountain, Forest… or simply Rio de Janeiro?

iconic Rio!
iconic Rio; beach, mountain, forest!

It’s a coincidence that todays Daily Prompt is Places;

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

(Daily Prompt).

Well why have somewhere else entirely when Rio de Janeiro has all those in one city?!

I’m back in Rio where my journey in Brazil started a few months ago. On my arrival to the city, the heavens opened up and grey clouds fill the sky- a far cry from the Rio I courted a few months back. But even without the sunshine painting vibrant colours on the city, three things still stand very prominent; the Beaches, Mountains and Forests.

My journey of refection and finding myself started and Rio de Janeiro, so it’s only right that it should end here when I catch my flight back to London in 24 hours.

Here are some of my favourite places in the Marvellous City!

Lets head to the beach first! Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Barra… the list goes on! How do you choose which one to spend your days lazing in the sunshine?… Just go with the flow!

The crowds clap as the sun finally sets.. Ipanema.




Centro- Downtown

I booked my accommodation through airbnb and stayed in Centro for a month. Neglected buildings, markets, dodgy characters, museums, parks and historical buildings are just some of the characteristics that make up Rio’s downtown.

Personally, this area was perfect for me. Excellent transport options available and close enough to everywhere I needed to get to.

Downtown has a strong city feel. Occasionally felt I could be in New York with the tall buildings, wide avenues and yellow taxis. However the faint outline of mountains in the distance let me know exactly where I was. In Rio de Janeiro!


Santa Teresa and Lapa.


Enjoy Rio’s energetic nightlife in Lapa! Under the famous roman-style arches you’re sure to find samba music being played- the surrounding street makes a cheap and accessible dance floor. Or find your way into one (or more) of the many clubs and bars nearby.

Lapa is also home to the world-famous Escadaria Selaron. It’s a must to have a photograph taken on the tiled stairs by the late artist Jorge Selaron. The steps lead to Santa Teresa- Rio’s boho neighbourhood.

The best way to get up the steeps hills which Santa Teresa sits on was by the bondinho tram. Sadly this means of transportation no longer exists. However there is an on going petition to have them back as they are so iconic to this part of Rio. Who knows, with the eyes of the world on Rio, the bright yellow trams might get their spotlight again!

Tijuca Forest
If you seek adventure, hiking in Tijuca is a must. For the adrenaline junkie, paragliding from the tip of Tijuca Forest might be an option for you. Otherwise, feel free to simply enjoy the breathtaking views it offers, without falling to the earth!

Cristo Redentor
Looming 700-metres into the sky on top of Corcovado Mountain lies Rio’s most classic icon; Christ the Redeemer. Cristo Redentor overlooks the Marvellous City with arms out stretched, brining together Beach, Mountain, and Forest from the views above.
Like any tourist attraction in Rio, expect large crowds! It’s a must-see for a reason.







Italian Travel Journalist Alberto helps me concur my fears by persuading me to step nearer the edge!
Italian Travel Journalist Alberto helps me conquer my fears by persuading me to step nearer the edge!

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  1. I had no idea that Jorge Selaron died. I just looked it up and that’s awful! Except for that sad note, I love the pics, it really brings back my first and only Rio memories back in 2009. I thought the Centro was really interesting and I took some cool pics there. People going to Rio tend to forget about that part of town. I also wish I’d spent more time exploring Santa Teresa. That pic with the Christ reflected in the glasses is awesome, I’m mad that I didn’t think of it. 😉

    Did you get to see anything in the north zone? I never spent any time there but when you look at a map, that is like 85% of the city.

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