And I keep coming back for more… Accra.

In the summer of 2006 I packed a suitcase for a three week holiday in Accra. Filled with excitement and pride from buying my own flight ticket, I set off on my first solo journey. I’ve been coming to this city since childhood. While my peers at school went with their families on new and exciting voyages, our holidays were always to see family in Ghana… Armed with our overweight and excess luggage suitcases you could spot us a mile off!

This time would be different. I had no intention of packing the whole house and the kitchen sink! Just enough necessities for a comfortable three week break.

Little did I know fate had other plans for me…

Three weeks turned into almost a year! Despite many difficult and frustrating times; ‘light-off’, water shortages, lack of pavements for pedestrians, timing issues (to name just a few), I have fond memories of my first Independent trip to Ghana. Without my immediate family around me for support, I learnt some of my most valuable survival skills I carry with me to this day.

Unfortunately I was unaware of the growing blogosphere! How interesting it would have been to blog about my experiences during that time; barely 20 years old, seeking my opportunities in modelling and radio broadcasting. Making the city of my parents my own. Planting my own roots.

That’s perhps why almost seven years on, I keep coming back to Accra.

Trip down memory lane…
Accra 2006 Tinny, Mensa and friends
Egypt 2007 with TOPModelGH winner and runners up
Modelling at GH@50
Presenting an award to a bodybuilder 😉
First issue of Oh Yes magazine
Good times at Rema’s (Osu)
Picture with (Batman) Samini
Modelling Kaba and Silt designed by Makeba L. Boateng
PhotoClub shoot at the beach












Good times 😉

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