Party Time in Accra #throwback

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet? (Daily Prompt).

Gosh I’ve missed my daily dose of ‘Daily Prompt’ inspiration courtsey of! Apologies for my long absence regular readers… Hope you didn’t miss me too much 😉

Returning to London- ‘back to reality’ was a little bumpy to say the least. And unlike waking up every morning with the sunrise as I did in Brazil, getting out of bed in the freezing cold was a struggle. So it’s no surprise the weather also froze any source of motivation for me to get out of bed my laptop!

But I’m back in the swing of things now! I’m thoroughly defrosting in Accra! A city never short of events and parties to get some energy following in me again.

Today’s Daily Prompt about parties, crowds and energy (and something else about scurrying for peace and quiet- whatever that means!) couldn’t have been more appropriate!

So I’ll cut to the chase. Yes, I do love a good party with a positive crowd! And for me a good party is a concoction of interesting people to network with (says the journalist within me), good music to dance to (says me), and a few cocktails to help get into the swing of things- always drinking responsibly (says both journalist within and me)!

Accra is the ideal social scene!

After being in Brazil for 3 months and not once wearing any of the three (though I wanted to take more) pairs of heels I squeezed into my suitcase replacing other necessities, it’s good to be in Accra were I’ve already towered over crowds at events and parties during the weekend!

Admitably, there are days where I appreciate the tranquility of my home and no amount of convincing will get me out of the house (unless you’re very good at persuading) 😉

Look out for pics on parties and events I’ll be attending in the following weeks… Welcome to Accra!
But first- #throwback!

Some of my favourite party, crowd, energy moments from last year and further back!









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