Street Food Thursday: Going Vegan with Sisley in Berlin



Thursday is the “new weekend”

So it’s been proclaimed!

And if that’s the case I landed in Berlin just in time for a treat;  “Wochen Market” – a weekly food event which attracts both locals and tourists to the hub of Berlin’s thriving food scene. Food blogger Sisley Killam shows me Street Food Thursday … And a pretty good reason why I should “Go Vegan“!

DSC_0243I started eating healthy once I realised I what I was actually putting into my body” 20 year old writer of The Pure Life explained to me. And despite her move to Berlin just a few months ago, Sisley has adapted her healthy eating routine to fit comfortably with her new environment.

Food food plays an important role on any travels – even if it’s not written on a “to do list” often enough. And a trip to Berlin is no exception! Currywürsts vs döners aside, I was in for a tasty treat when I met up with Sisley at the tram line of Grünberger strasse and we headed towards Eisenbahnstraße for Markthalle Neun – think abandoned warehouse brought to life with a cosmopolitan array of street food vendors aided by the buzz of trendy boho Berliners… You’ll not know where to start – let alone where to finish. That said, we opted for Vietnamese with Toctoc for a light and refreshing rice “sommerrolle” served with a delicious silky peanut sauce.

However the highlight of my culinary eye-feast was sampling a taste of the vegan movement in Berlin by enjoying every mouth full of the “avocado and lime” cheesecake from the Vegan food stall, recommended by Sisley;

DSC_0245This is the best raw vegan cheesecake I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of raw vegan cheesecake” Sisley persuaded. And I couldn’t fault the smoothness of the avocado and zesty lime cheesecake-like filling sat on a base of crunchy dehydrated buck wheat and nut mixture. Not that I’ve tasted many “raw vegan” cheesecakes – this was in fact a first… And it surely won’t be my last!

I was curious to know how Sisley got into healthy eating which lead her to start a successful food blog and gain roughly 6,500 followers on instagram:

I discovered I was lactose and gluten intolerant so I was forced into learning how to cook for myself, using plant-based whole foods. Eventually, I fell in love with making healthy food…”

Find out more about Sisley’s healthy food journey and delicious recipes on her blog; and also on instagram @thepurelife_

If you plan a visit to Berlin, put food as a priority on your “to do list” and head to Markthalle Neun Thursday – Sunday. Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin, Germany

What’s your favourite place in Berlin? Share your tips and suggestions in the comment box! Thanks x

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