Kinho & Kinha: Catch-up Dinner at Pho, Soho

Kai and Kinho Pho Soho

Every year my best friend Kinho from Brazil flies to London for a work conference, then takes the opportunity to stay an extra few days with me in Soho. When it comes to recommending  places to eat, I have to admit I’m not the most experimental (something I’m on a mission to change), I tend to stick to what I know… and Pho was on the list for a healthy (and slurpy) catch up with my bestie bro!Being a pescatarian (or as I like to call it; a vegetarian with options), Vietnamese cuisine offers lots of fresh choice with cleansing automatic herbs for the conscious diner. I almost always opt for a Phở (pronounced fuh), Vietnamese noodle soup – it’s filling, tasty and great value for money. The Phở chay (tofu and button mushroom) was my choice that evening dining with Kinho. The generous portion of rice noodle soup (choose from veg or chicken broth) is served with a side plate of fresh herbs.

I did however try something new by adding an extra topping of King Prawns… My meal just got a serious up grade!

Expressing to the waiter “I’m starving, what do you recommend?“, Kinho went for the chicken Bún; wok fried vermicelli noodles served with fresh herbs, bean spout and a veggie spring roll. Unlike me, Kinho can’t take the heat so asked for chilli to be removed. He’s generally a fussy eater so when he said “it’s good” I don’t doubt he meant it!

Food is a great way of rekindling friendships, and after not seeing Kinho for a year, it was as if only a week had passed as we sipped and slurped through our meal, chatting (and laughing – there’s always guaranteed laughter with Kinho) away!

Let's do Lunch Pho

Phở chay £8.75

Bun (chicken option) £8.95

(excludes service charge and extras)

Tailor your Phở to suit your palette with the addition of sauces and herbs. I always go for a fiery kick by adding some fresh chilli!

📍 Pho, 163-165 Wardour St, Soho, London W1F 8WN

I’ll be sharing more foodie ventures of ‘Kinho & Kinha’ (yes, my best friend calls me Kinha!) on the Let’s do Lunch blog – stay tuned! Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Kai 🙂


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