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The Soho Girl branding launch

When I arrived in Brazil all those weeks ago, I could never have imagined it’d be a source of inspiration for me to officially launch my personal branding venture The Soho Girl Branding.

You see, I came came as a lost soul in need of being ‘fixed’ by receiving life coaching sessions from my exec-business coach best friend. Little did I know I wouldn’t receive a single session with him, but instead he’d end up being my first client when I offered an attract package to curate his personal branding; a new logo, photoshoot (so no more stock images), and a responsive website to create an online presence for his business!


Within 2 days I had my site up and running, mainly triggered by an urgency to impress a new client I was meeting for the first time. I had to make a good impression – and it worked! A website is the window to any business. If viewers see something they like, they’re likely to come take a look around, see something they like – then BAM – the sale (in an ideal world of course)!

The Soho Girl not only acts a website that showcases all my branding projects in one place, but just as importantly, for the world to find available my services.

So here’s what you can expect from The Soho Girl:

  • A bit about me, why I choose the name ‘The Soho Girl’
  • My passion for branding and helping entrepreneurs set up their digital platforms
  • My portfolio (dating back to my first blog in 2012)
  • How I can help your bring that business idea into reality
  • Blog posts; I’ll share some tips, inspiration and interviews with my clients

There’s no speedy fix to creating the life you want to live, but I know I want one that offers the flexibility of remote working whilst still earning an income. And I think I’ve finally found that with The Soho Girl Branding!

Need a brand fix? Contact me via The Soho Girl and let’s implement a strategy to get your brand standing out in the digital-sphere!

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