Travelmaker Kai Blog – Same Theme – Modern NEW Look!

I’d been thinking for quite a while about upgrading my slightly dated blog theme “The Morning After” template (which ironically is so dated – in blogosphere terms that is – that the theme is no longer available… I might be amongst the few still using it!)

Over the years procrastination has got the better of me, especially I as tried to balance writing for other platforms with my personal blog. In February 2016 when my domain expired, dealing with the loss of my Aunt and just a lot happening in my life,  I told myself I’d hold off from renewing until I was ready to redesign my blog… And you’ve probably guessed it – my domain since 2012 was snatched from me by the time I went to renew it!

Morning After Theme retired

So I’ve been using the rather impersonal since then, and today I decided it was time for a change – especially as the new year draws upon us! The idea was to go for the trendy minimal look, but truth be told, I still can’t bring myself to completely change the theme ‘The Morning After’ (I’m sentimental like that!) – it showcase so much of my content and gives the reader lot of options to choose from. So instead I boosted up the pages with a modern touch by adding some new pictures, and upgraded to an alternative domain to .com,

Take a look a the changes I’ve made on the Travelmaker Kai Blog:


Travelmaker Kai old web page


Travelmaker Kai new blog layoutTravelmaker Kai new blog layout


The slightly tweaked  layout has a lighter background colour, new header image “Where the world becomes a global village“, featured images on the side; Welcome to the Travelmaker Kai Blog, new ‘fashion’ category, and Help Fund Travelmaking Kai children’s books.

I’ve also included discount codes for Uber and Airbnb.

New Logo

Travelmaker Kai logo mobile

I’ve held off creating a logo for Travelmakerkai for a whilst as I couldn’t find a concept that wasn’t the already done ‘girl with a backpack (or suite case) and a globe’. It’s kind of tired right? But then this simple logo just came to me as I was revamping the blog – a butterfly; has a patient evolution yet comes out spreading it’s beautiful wings! I also love the concept of being a ‘social butterfly‘… and you know I’m ‘fly‘ too!

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think of the new(ish)… Your feedback would mean a lot!

That’s it from me for now… However I have lot of content from my current stay in Brazil (that’s right, 6 years ago to this date I was in Brazil and at my most active on Travelmaker Kai!) – so literally stay posted by subscribing to this blog!

Sending positive vibes your way… And try to avoid procrastinating like I did!



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