Mombasa Music Jam: “Haifai/ You Cheated”


Travelmakerkai Mombasa Music Jam

Fridays are great for so many reasons – the start of the weekend and also an opportunity to #FlashbackFriday and share some amazing moments I might have missed out on sharing on this blog…

Take this ‘Another Travelmakerkai Experience‘ in Mombasa, Kenya for example. Let’s flash back to January 2017, I happened to have my camera on hand for this spontaneous music jam session with Georgia Lenny on guitar, Fabio Tedde aka Pianist Without Borders on keyboard, and Janet Chumbe killin’ it with spoken word!… This spontaneous medley still gives me goosebumps to this day!Check out the videos for yourself, and feel free to share (shorter version on my Facebook page and the full vid on my YouTube Channel)…

(Lyrics include some strong language and sexual reference)

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Can you can see the true musicianship in how the three artists connect to create something beautiful? This one the first and only take we did! Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Much love and light,



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