Social Media and Behind the scenes of DoGoodFilms Uganda film assignments


I can’t believe just how fast the months have flown by! Wasn’t it just a moment ago that summer was here? I guess what I need throwback to warm my heart – memories from the Uganda film assignment I was commissioned on with DoGoodFilms!

Here’s a brief intro I made as content and social media strategist, sharing my experience connecting DoGoodFilms to social media via vlogs, travelling with Ivo, and surviving a “digital detox” whilst on assignments in Northern Uganda with NetHope and Danish Refugee Council!

And a longer version for Travelmakerkai YouTube

I also presented the voice-over for one of the films DRC commissioned. You can watch the full video CLICK HERE

Pictures from Uganda trip with DoGoodFilms:



Find out more about DoGoodFilms at

Great to be back on Travelmakerkai! Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Kai x

(Content has been reblogged from DoGoodFilms)

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