Invitation to attend “Tabom in Bahia” film screening at Aparelha Luzia, São Paulo

tabom in bahia invite

2019 marks 400 years since the start of the West Africa Trans Atlantic Slave Trade which which is documented to have began in 1419.

2019 marca os 400 anos do início do tráfico de escravos do oeste africano pelo atlântico, documentado desde o começo de 1419.

Brazil was the last country in the Western world to abolish slavery in 1888. By the time it was abolished, an estimated four million slaves had been imported from Africa to Brazil – 40% of the total number of slaves brought to the Americas.

O Brasil foi o último país do mundo ocidental a abolir a escravidão em 1888. Naquele período da abolição, estima-se que 4 milhões de sujeitos escravizados haviam sido importados da África para o Brasil – um total de 40% do total trazido para a América.

Please join me on the 10th January in São Paulo for the Screening of “Tabom in Bahia” a documentary film, directed by Juan Diego Diaz and Nilton Pereira, which sheds some light on the AfroBrazilian community in Accra, Ghana and shares the story of lead Tabom musician visiting Bahia – the ancestral land of the Tabom people. I too am a TABOM – this time in São Paulo!

The Q&A will be conducted and translated by self-esteem researcher Cintia Cruz. This event is Free. Please note African needed jewellery will be on sale to support Kai Li’ Tabom Project for a film documentary of Tabom from the perspective of a descendant.

tabom in bahia invite2

Por favor, venham comigo no dia 10 de janeiro em São Paulo para a exibição do filme “Tabom na Bahia”, um documentário que traz luz sobre uma comunidade afrobrasileira em Accra, Gana e também compartilha a história de uma liderança Tabom, o músico Eric Morton, visitando a Bahia, a terra dos seus ancestrais TABOM. Eu também sou membro da comunidade TABOM – E desta vez estamos em São Paulo-SP.

A conversa será conduzida e traduzida por Cintia Cruz, doutoranda em estudos feministas-UFBA, pesquisa autoestima de mulheres negras. Este evento é gratuito. Haverá a venda de colares africanos trazidos de Gana. Uma forma de apoiar a pesquisa de Kai Li sobre a comunidade Tabom (Veja o grupo no Facebook) e a produção de um documentário sobre o povo Tabom da perspectiva de uma descendente.

travelmakerkai _ tabom in são paulo

I don’t believe it’s by luck that I’m in the land of my ancestors who fought the oppression they faced at the time, to return to their Motherland, in the year that marks 400 years since the start of the TransAtlantic Slave trade in Africa. I’m extremely proud to be from a linage of badass warriors! Often left unmentioned in history books – they did indeed return to the homeland. I am a TABOM descendant and proud! My ancestor (a woman ✊🏾) arrived on the shores of Ghana (the the Gold Coast) with 200 other people (or families) and were warmly received my the chief – given lands which are now prominent areas of Accra today because the Brazilians came with advance skills such as agriculture, architecture and tailoring/seam-stressing (my Gma, late Aunty Marian and Uncle Benji were blessed with the sewing gene… Why wasn’t it passed onto me? Why? 😭)

I’ve basically spelt the past 8 (that’s a Phd I won’t be credited for!) years researching and tracing my ancestry 5 generations back to Salvador Bahia! And have visited Brazil on two other occasions – each time feeling a closeness to my ancestors and the land they were taken to, contributed towards, and later left for their freedom back in West Africa…

So here’s the thing, I’ve invested 8 years and 3 plane tickets to Brazil – if you wanna know more contribute towards my film fund, pay me to speak, donate, collaborate – but this one I can’t give away for free!

Thank you for the love and support in advance!

Please share your thoughts in the comment box below!

(Blogged on the go heading to Paraguay – look out for that post!)

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