This African Entrepreneur is on a mission to show the Africa Brazil doesn’t see…

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A touch of Africa in Rio – Africa Arte

As a journalist/blogger/visual artist – and an African myself – I have a deeply rooted interest in sharing narratives of Africans across the diaspora. There’s an indescribable connection, and, let’s call it what it is – privilege(!) that comes with sharing “I’m from Ghana” when I meet a fellow African ‘brother‘ or ‘sister‘ – no matter where in the world!… I respect the hustle that goes into making it outside the continent.

travelmakerkai | africa arte5

travelmakerkai | africa arte

On one of my walks in Rio with my good friend, self-esteem coach, Cintia, I met Sokhna, a Senegalese entrepreneur living and working in Rio. She’s founder of Africa Arte, selling beautiful African wear, accessories and fabrics. This #BossLady runs both a shop and market stall in Catete, zona sul do Rio. “Tem como missão mostrar ao Brasil a África que o Brasil desconhece.” / “It’s mission is to show Brazil the Africa that Brazil does not know.”

Sokhna was kind enough to purchase one of my WrapStar accessories necklace and bracelet sets (yes, I’m also on a hustle – travelling doesn’t come cheap!)… So from one African woman on a hustle to another, I felt compelled to show my respect for her grind! Find out more about Africa Arte on their Facebook page CLICK HERE!

The last time I was in Rio, I created a photography project called “Central Street Success” where I sought out to interview (continental) Africans making a success for themselves in the streets of old Rio, Central. At that time, I didn’t have any professional equipment, except my DSLR Nikon D40, yet in true millennial style I made it work! My portraits were exhibited at London College of Communication in 2014.

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📍Africa Arte

Rua do Catete, 227 Loja A
Rio de Janeiro,  22220-001 Brazil

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