Thoughts on Self-Care from Tijuca Forest, Rio de Janeiro

You can’t put a price on self-care…


After the year I’ve had losing my earthship – my mum, I couldn’t imagine being genuinely happy again – or have the confidence to share moments of happiness so openly. Each day comes with its own challenges, however I’m at a place where I feel the presence of loved ones who’ve past on, most when my heart is open, joyful and overflowing with gratitude…


And what are the chances of bumping into a Buddha statue tucked neatly in a cave underneath the Tijuca Waterfalls, than a message from the universe saying “Be free Kai – I got’chu!” – I humbly accept!


Sometimes we have to go through extreme lows to appreciate the whirlwind highs…

I’m sending LOVE and LIGHT to those in a dark place right now, those having to put on a ‘brave face’ to face the world, the non believers that there’s a light awaiting them… Have Faith. No situation is permanent… And when the light comes, it arrives in full force so prepare yourself! Take each day as it comes and breathe…



I wrote this as an Instagram post last December, however it still feels fresh and relevant five months later. A gentle reminder to myself to accept that that grieving has no time limit… Take each day as it comes along with the blessings…

Self-care and Repair Retreat 2019!

If you’d like to experience the magic of Tijuca Forest – said to be the worlds largest urban forest, in Rio de Janeiro don’t forget to express your interest in joining my Self-Care and Repair Rio Retreat 2019! CLICK HERE to find out more!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box. Sending love and light!

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