The FaceApp brought me face to face with my biggest fear…

Is anyone else’s social media feed starting to look like a nursing home?TheDrazzyShow asked on his Insta-stories. As humorous as it sounded, I couldn’t help but agree. I’ve been off the gram for a minute so I don’t even know if this FaceApp thing is a challenge or just a really freaky trend… which ages you!

Whilst most people would rather roll back the clock, this app taking the internet by storm, allows you to come face to face with a prediction of what you’ll look like, not just older but like – old! I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to stay forever young so I was in no way tempted to download the app to try it out for myself… This was one trend the internet could keep – thanks, but no thanks!

But then Ivo, DoGoodFilms director, whom I’d been on a recent Jordan trip with, sent over some pictures of our trip using using the FaceApp – much to my shock rather than amusement (I’m trying to stay 25 for as long as I can)!

If our ages were reversed lol! Ivo looking 20 years younger, and me looking 20yrs older

And whilst the app also has the ability to show the reverse – you looking younger, it doesn’t carry the same wow factor as seeing yourself old, since we already what we looked like younger.

FaceApp – realistic prediction of yourself – old!

So how does it work?

It’s created with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI). An algorithm takes the input picture of your face and adjusts it based on other imagery. This makes it possible to manipulate a toothy smile, for instance, while adjusting lines around the mouth, chin and cheeks for a natural look.

Facing my fears of ageing

For the record, I’m not ageist. Some of favourite people on this earth have been from the generations before me, namely my mum, my Aunty Marian and my grandmothers Rebecca and Lilian. I’ve admired both their wisdom and beauty which comes with age. So why am I so scared of ageing? Why do I continuously fight off my grey hairs by plucking them from my scalp (and for the record, it’s true what they say – 10 more come to its funeral!)?

Truth is, my real issue is a deep-rooted fear of being in the same place in 10 years time, and another 10 years and so forth. My fear is of being unprogressive. And I know times flies by… Just the other day I was 25 and what much has changed for me since then?

As much as I’m not a fan of this app, it’s been a kick up the backside, so to speak! The only way I’ll continue to be unprogressive is by self-sabotaging opportunities that come my way (imposer syndrome is a b***h!) So, no more lazing about on the couch Kai – life is short and the truth hurtsyou won’t be young forever!

Anyone else take selfies when they’re feeling ‘bla’?

Still travelling the world aged 70+!

Ivo, DoGoodFilms director looking 30 years younger!
The app is obviously not so generous on white skin!

The future is bright!

I want to live a long and prosperous life… Travel will always play a big role in making it happen!
FYI, I didn’t look this cute when I was a child!

On the bright side, if this really can be me aged 70+ years, with a sparkle in my eyes, still being true to myself, travelling the world, happy/content (do I find the love of my life or accept being single forever???) and healthy (mentally as much as physically so bring on those #selfcare trips!) – then I humbly accept the ageing process, and perhaps will dwell less on trying to look like my past.

Does getting old(er) scare you? Share your thoughts with me in the comment box below! x

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2 thoughts on “The FaceApp brought me face to face with my biggest fear…

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  1. I’ve seen this on my social media too! It’s quite funny (in a strange way!) to see the various predictions! I’m yet to try it because I read somewhere about the app collecting your data (plus, yes! I’m scared to know!) Nice read!


    1. Probably a wise move not to, I’ve read it’s even being investigated by the FBI… But then, just being a part of social media means you never really know what and who is using your data… Thanks for your comment!


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