Tabom in Accra for the ‘The Year of Return’…

2019 has been dubbed ‘The Year of Return by Ghana’s Tourism Board who’s campaign to acknowledge 400 years since the first Trans-Atlantic slave ships left its shores for North America (Virginia), has attracted the Black Diaspora – particularly those from North America, to visit Ghana.

Tabom in Accra
Kai Lutterodt, a Tabom descendant, in Accra

The Year of Return is particularly symbolic in my journey of discovering my Tabom (Afro-Brazilian) roots in Ghana. I was fortunate to start the year, 2019, in Brazil, and I went on to stay in Salvador da Bahia for almost two months. ‘Returning‘ to Ghana during this festive season, after a 3 year absence, is an opportunity for me to try to delve a little further into my Tabom research by speaking to elders, particularly those from Otublohum where the Taboms settled as far back as 1829.

2019 has been a blessed year for me, and as it draws to a close I realise just how fortunate I am to have visited both places of my Tabom heritage; Brazil and Ghana, in the same year! As they say in Brazil (derives from Yoruba) – Axé (higher power)!


For The Year of Return programmes please click here.

Have you got any plans to research your roots this Year of Return? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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