15 People You Should Know Redefining African Culture in the World

Africa Day is an annual commemoration of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU, now known as the African Union) founded on the 25th May 1963. It’s day to put Africa at the forefront of our conscious, and celebrate the successes of African Unity in the struggle against colonialism.

Despite all that’s going on in a world faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, my friend Paulo Rogério Nunes whom I met during my stay in Salvador, put together a compelling list of 15 innovators of African origin you need to know… To be included is honour. Another gentle reminder that our stories are valid – even when it seems that no one is listening. Follow and be inspired! Axé!


🇧🇷 Nesse Dia da África, resolvi fazer uma lista com amigos aqui no Instagram de origem africana (do continente ou da diáspora) para compartilhar aqui com vocês. São inovadores, criativos e empreendedores que estão redefinindo a cultura africana no mundo.

On Africa Day, I decided to make a list with friends here on Instagram of African origin (from the continent or from the diaspora) to share here with you. They are innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs who are redefining African culture in the world.

São criativos que o Brasil ainda não conhece.
They are creatives that Brazil does not yet know.

Segue a lista:
Follow the list:

@mataano as irmãs de origem somali que lançaram um marketplace de moda
the sisters of Somali origin who launched a fashion marketplace

@chikeukaegbu empreendedor tech e o mais jovem candidato a presidente da Nigéria 
tech entrepreneur and is Nigeria’s youngest candidate for president

@paulamoreno_z a que foi a primeira ministra de origem afro da Colômbia
the first minister of African origin in Colombia

@lizogumbo, queniana e a primeira mulher africana a ter uma marca de vinhos
Kenyan and the first African woman to own a wine brand

@djbeverlybond criadora do prêmio Black Girls Rock
creator of the Black Girls Rock award

@sasyrae criadora do Tastemakers Africa uma plataforma de viagens e eventos para africanos no mundo.
creator of Tastemakers Africa, a travel and event platform for Africans worldwide.

@mipad100, Kamil é o criador do prêmio Mipad 100
Kamil is the creator of the Mipad 100 award

@urennabest secretária de Estado no Panamá e apresentadora de TV
Secretary of State in Panama and TV presenter

@fadila_aahmad nômade digital haussá da Nigéria
digital Haussa nomad from Nigeria

@nhaguma empreendedor tech de Ruanda
tech entrepreneur from Rwanda

@mamytall criadora do Dakar Lives do Senegal
creator of Senegal’s Dakar Lives

@taniatomeofficial empreendedora e palestrante de Moçambique
entrepreneur and speaker from Mozambique

@claudegrunitzky criador da Trace TV e da True Africa
creator of Trace TV and True Africa

@travelmakerkai jornalista no Reino Unido e descendente de brasileiros africanos escravizados.
journalist in the United Kingdom and a descendant of enslaved African Brazilians.

@saada___ criadora do EveryDayPeople
creator of EveryDayPeople

Paulo Rogério NunesPaulo Rogério Nunes is a Diversity advertiser, entrepreneur and consultant (and so much more!) based in Salvador, Brazil. Find out more about his work visit www.paulorogerionunes.com and follow on Instagram @paulorogerio_ba


Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Much love, keep safe and well.

Kai x

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