Journalism and Photojournalism work well together so it’s just as well I enjoy carrying my SLR around when I travel. I’ve taken photography and photojournalism courses in the past. and worked on a few photo-documentary projects.

I like to document people and their culture through pictures.

When I have a small digital camera it’s very likely the lens will be pointing at myself- i call them self portraits (solo travellers will know what I’m talking about)!!

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Sugar and Spice and all things nice… A few of my favourite foods

A picture is worth a thousand words… where am I?

The Friends… All 7!

The push/pull purse

Ipanema’s girl

The friends… All 7

Tour Guide to Rio de Janeiro

Central Street Success pt1

Central Street Success pt2

Central Street Success pt3

Central, Rio de Janeiro
Central, Rio de Janeiro
Central Street Success
Africans working in Central
The friends from South Africa
The friends from South Africa
Paulo Gregorio and his bags, Rodrigo tour guide
Ipanema’s girl, sunset at Ipanema beach…

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