19 going on 29… The decade that flew by reflective Birthday message

A reflective birthday message as I come to terms with how quickly a decade can fly by…

the Educationally Frustrated student

keep calm birthdayHere’s a birthday reflective monologue I shared on Facebook which I thought I’d share with you… x

Wow… My 20’s have been an emotional roller-coaster! For the first time in my life I know the value of a “decade” and how fast it can fly by…

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50 shades of blue… Mallorca!

I was relieved to leave behind the grey shades of London in exhange for the beautiful island of Mallorca for Gerry's 50 shades of blue birthday in June! I got the 'save the date' almost a year in advance. There were no excuses for me to not be there- despite my own shades of feeling... Continue Reading →

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