Travelmaker Kai Talks: Coach MVA’s Birthday in São Paulo with Family

Travelmakerkai | Kinho Coach MVA BirthdayMy month started on a high note with it being my best friend Kinho aka Coach MVA‘s birthday. Our friendship spans over a decade from when we worked together in London. Despite only seeing each other once a year when Kinho comes to London for a work conference, our ‘best friendship’ has stood the test of time (literally in different zones) yet whenever we meet it’s as if time stood still…

My latest Travelmaker Kai Talks highlights this inspirational being. I’m so proud of all his achievements… And most of all, I get to call him not just my best friend – but my bestest bro!

The past few months in Brazil have been a challenge, but more so a huge blessing at the same time. When I arrived to stay with Kinho after much persuasion from him to book a flight to Brazil as part of my ‘healing process‘, I don’t think he anticipated just how low I was. The turning point came when I noticed Kinho struggling to create a website for his Life Coach business ‘Coach MVA‘ and I offered to help… This was the beginning of my healing and exercising skills in personal branding I had abandoned, which I can use to generate an income when I travel.

Coach MVA personal Branding by The Soho Girl

Within this time frame, I learnt a lot about Kinho’s business helping people be the best version of themselves, which in turn has reflected on me to snap out of my self-pity and to be my best version! Kinho not only gave me a space to heal in his beautiful home, but also cultivate my ideas into a business venture The Soho Girl / Fast Track Branding‘.

This was the best flight investment I could have made (and an example of how travel can be the best self-prescribed medicine)! The cherry on top of the cake was being in São Paulo this month for Kinho’s birthday with his beautiful family; mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law, younger brother and nephews!

Travelmakerkai | Kinho Coach MVA Birthday

What are you most grateful for? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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