Memories of a wonderful summer…

Memories of a summer which I gained so much from (outside the lecture room), fought so hard for (appealed against my university exam result-which I won!) and lost so little to... A wonderful summer. As if you haven't already noticed, autumn has well and truly crept in! The streets are paved not with gold, but... Continue Reading →

Flying home… Reflecting up in the sky

I usually have mixed emotions about flying home. When the stresses of packing, rushing to arrive at the airport on time, weighing my suitcase (and almost always having to remove something or reorganise), passing through security (if it's not an issue with my liquids or forgetting to remove my belt, there's just got to be... Continue Reading →

Meet Carlos Suarez: Supervisor of the Sathya Sai centre food program, Haiti A short video interview with Carlos Suarez from Mexico, who left his Cancun home to volunteer at the Sathya Sai Centre, Haiti. For the full story click below: Filmed and edited on my ipad 🙂 Related articles Finding myself here... Sathya Sai Centre, Haiti ( Hop on board!.. Join me on my journey... Continue Reading →

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