Drive-by shooting Haiti… Pt2

The second series of 'Drive-by shooting Haiti' in pictures. ©Kai Lutterodt 2013 (No weapons involved) #Photographyonthego Project Related articles Video Blog from the roof terrance of the Sathya Sai centre, Haiti ( Meet Carlos Suarez: Supervisor of the Sathya Sai centre food program, Haiti ( Brief History of Haitian Bouillon... ( My journey so far... Continue Reading →

Finding myself… Missing myself

I love my new-found spirituality! Who would have thought I would find myself in Haiti?! Learning to appreciate myself, give service whole heartedly, smile freely, laugh freely... Finding happiness within my humble surroundings. And my surroundings is the spiritual environment of the Sathya Sai Baba centre in Port-au-Prince which provides food for 2000 children living... Continue Reading →

Drive-by shooting Haiti… Pt1

Many times during my travels I've been torn between the extent of risk I am willing to take to make each trip fulfilling. The risk starts from the very moment I choose to travel alone. And the added pressure is whether to carry my camera in public to practise another of my passions; photojournalism, or leave... Continue Reading →

Meet Carlos Suarez: Supervisor of the Sathya Sai centre food program, Haiti A short video interview with Carlos Suarez from Mexico, who left his Cancun home to volunteer at the Sathya Sai Centre, Haiti. For the full story click below: Filmed and edited on my ipad 🙂 Related articles Finding myself here... Sathya Sai Centre, Haiti ( Hop on board!.. Join me on my journey... Continue Reading →

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