School’s Out for the summer!… But am I still in?!

Q) How do you know you’ve passed the academic year? A) You’ve either revised so darn much you’re confident as you walk out of the exam room, or you simply wait for results day. Well, I did neither, at least not the latter.

I’m still trying to workout what made me so confident I had passed my first and extremely difficult (for me at least, the younger ones made it looks so easy) year at university. Perhaps it was my tutor’s words of encouragement as I handed in what I thought would be my last essay of the year ‘well done Kai, you’ve caught up nicely.’ Ok, so those words didn’t say you’ve passed so go book a ticket somewhere for three weeks, but i guess in my mind, that was enough.

So I was in Spain, preparing for my flight to Italy the eve of results day. I had in fact forgotten about the date until notifications were sent every 5 seconds to my phone as my peers posted on the Facebook BAJ1 group wall- sorry, timeline. I didn’t have my student ID number with me to check the results anyway so I was happy to go along with my theory that I had passed home and dry… Just carry on with my holiday!

But of course I hadn’t! I knew there was one essay to be handed in, but i was hoping my marks would average out and I could possibly pass… Wishful thinking! Anyway it wasn’t the end of the world it just needed to be done once i got back- fine. But what the hell? Re-take short hand?! Thats an exam I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy! When I did the exam the first time, despite not feeling at all confident, I managed to pass. In fact if it wasn’t for Taryn, encouraging me to just get it over with, I wouldn’t have gone into the exam in the first place. So thanks girl- I owe you a drink!

After sending emails to my tutors to clarify if i had to re-sit the exam and getting no response, the day of the re-sit came… Today! So I went in (a little late) but sure it was all just a mix up. Of course in the back of my mind I was wondering if it wasn’t… and the exam board had decided i hadn’t done enough to pass… Naaa!

And, so it was all a mix up. As smart as examiners are, they mistook my attendance as not attending the exam (my attendance was worse than the exam, just as well i wasn’t being marked on that)! A pass is a pass and thank you God that I’m out of that one!

The moral of the story is just pass the exam in the first place… and revise enough so you’re confident you’ve passed incase some cock up like this should happen, you know its all just a mistake!


Now, where was I… Back to my summer…

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