Traveling stereotypes…

A few of the stereotypical assumptions I’ve had to deal with during my travels…

Yes, there are certain travellers that fit certain stereotypes. But as the saying goes- don’t judge a book by its cover… you’ll be surprised what you find inside it!

So that brings me to my first point. I am not your stereotypically Brit.

Had to get that off my chest.

So, that means;

I do not have bacon, eggs, sausages for breakfast (part of an English breakfast)

I do not drink tea at 5 o’clock. I drink it at any given opportunity!

I don’t go to the pub, in fact I don’t drink beer unless its a shandy (mixed with lemonade or sprit)

No, I’ve never met the Queen!

Fish and chips?… can’t remember the last time I ate it.

And not all Brits are hooligans…

ah, and just for the record, I’m black but I don’t smoke weed!

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