Post-travel blues…

I get it all the time! No matter how much I plan a head so I have 101 things to keep me busy when I arrive back home… that blue feeling just weighs me down.

Even after a long trip… When I’m longing for the comfort of my bed, cooking my own food (usually when I’ve been around too many meat-eaters!), just looking forward to being in my own safe environment- the blues always kick in!

And this time is no different. A week ago I was lazying on the beach, eating good food and drinking… a lot of good Italian wine! I guess it doesn’t help that as soon as I got back to London, some bacteria found their way into my system causing me to be ill with some non-sense fever, but nothing serious enough to justify a trip to the doctors. So, unwell and blue– welcome back!

I’ve cancelled plans to catch up with friends. There’s no point of them seeing me like this and bombarding me with many questions about my trip that I’d rather keep to myself for now. Yes, post-travel blues makes me a completely different person. I’m either in bed ‘catching up with friends’ (which generally means seeing what they’re up to in their Facebook life since I’ve been gone), or in the kitchen opening the fridge for the hundredth time even though I know there’s nothing inside that doesn’t require cooking. And goodness knows I’m not in the mood to cook!

One option to overcome the blues is to head to the gym… Most times, this actually works for me. But, despite the extra pounds thanks to Italian fine dining, I’m just not in the mood to face people let alone push myself to run on a treadmill.

So, whats next?

I’m going to have to leave my duties in the flat and face reality- literally. I’ve got errands to run and its seems my friends aren’t going to let me cancel on them again- so i have them to look forward to.

The happy face will be plastered on!

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