A broody traveller!

The thoughts first started in Ethiopia (still have to blog about that trip)! Maybe I had too much time on my hands. Time to be thinking about the ‘what ifs’ and ‘wonder whens’. So yeah, basically I started thinking a lot about kids- having own that is… and marriage! And simply all the stuff that would limit my freedom of travelling. It’s not like it’s never crossed my mind before to have kids, but I’ve never thought about so intently in my adulthood.

My bestiehad her son at 21. I’ll never forget the phone call I got from her while I was in Ghana in 2006 to tell me she was pregnant (another blog). All our

eating for two?… with the bestie!

travel plans and adventures down the drain. Our recent trip to Italy together (well, technically just a few days for her as she had to get back to her son) we reminisced about the old times and how this could have been our life- travellers together. But anyway, back to me feeling broody!

It’s just a weird feeling for me. I’m not even that good with kids! But I do know I’d love to have a family of my own. I just never thought about when it would happen. I’m so used to being independent how would I cope being ‘held down’ by a child? Food for thought.

Never the less, the feeling is still there. I’m back at the gym this week (yay… but I missed yoga today- boo!) and who do I see at my ‘legs, bums, and tums’ class? I don’t know her name but lets call her Miss Competitive. She’s super fit and always seems to do the excercises like its as easy as breathing. While the rest of us as trying to catch a breath! Anyway, she turns up. Pregnant. Gosh. I’m like super jelous! She’s pregnant and still turns up to a fitness class looking all glowing with her baby bump. Probably the only time I won’t mind having a big tum in my gym outfit.

Then from there it spirals out of control. Everyone seems to be pregnant! I found this on facebook (curtsey of Doza De Râs). And also on facebook Shakira posts a picture of her pregnancy stating “Now I don’t have a six pack, only one pack!!”

The truth is I have to be realistic. Travelling with a baby bump isn’t realist (but I’m always up for a challenge… We’ll see when the time comes). So I’ll finish my degree, get my career on track, do some more travelling, settle down and then the baby talk can begin… I’ll keep you posted!


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