volunteer, learn portuguese, backpack and see the carnival in Brazil?…

be me again- travel and feel alive!

A few weeks ago, or even months ago, I read about a graduate who tweeted she was looking for a job. And guess what- she got one. A highly paid one mind you.

Today, just a few hours ago, Taryn, my uni mate whatsApped me saying she tweeted that her dream job is to work for Lonely Plant. And guess what. No, she hasn’t got a job with them (yet) but they tweeted her back a response (along the lines of no vacancies available, but still- its a response)!

So, no, I’m not going to pretend to have got the hang of tweeting, because I haven’t. So no tweets from me asking for work experience let alone a job. However I am happy to put it out there in the comfort of my safe haven (this blog), that yes I am looking for work experience (or even a job) in my field of studies- Journalism (including my passion if possible- travel). Travel Journalism. There. I wrote it!

I have a few months off from my studies so its the perfect opportunity for me to get a heads up by getting some experience. The first place that came to mind was Ghana. To write for a magazine like EnjoyAccra or TimeOut Accra. But then I thought; ‘why not get out of my comfort zone and learn another language’ so naturally Brazil came to mind!

I’ve been meaning to go back to Brazil since my last visit in 2009. So why not now? I would make my stay worthwhile by volunteering, experience carnival, and perhaps teaching english. Not to mention learning Portuguese. I was surprised by how few people spoke English. And it was frustrating for me to not be able to communicate fully with the people as I found them so expressive (but I did become an expert in sign gestures)!

Where ever I decide to go in the following months- be it Ghana, Brazil or else where, I know I have to make sure I gain a fulfilling experience.

So maybe I should stop thinking about it and just do! Book the fight and get the experience.

…Don’t think- just do it!

Now there’s something they don’t teach you in school.

The beach life… Brazil 2009

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