Have your cake- and eat it!

‘cake, cake, cake, cake, cake!’… They say the older you get, the harder it is to shift the unwanted bulge of indulgent eating. So from now on I’m conscious of what I put in my mouth 😉 Having said that, my lovely neighbour Bev treated my to a healthy Italian salad at Princi… and of course I couldn’t resist trying their new lemon and fudge cake… We shared so half the calories!

Another year has flown by *sigh*. From the 15th october I’m officially in my late 20’s. Almost 30.Now there’s a thought for my peers at university. For some reason they think I’m their age (teenagers!) and I’m in no hurry to burst that bubble.

Isn’t 30 the age that you’re supposed to have it all? The career, the hubby, maybe a child, at least a stable relationship and a good job? And this birthday has brought me closer to that unrealistic reality. Never-the-less, I do love it when Oct 15th comes round! It’s either a time to get friends and family together as I did last year, or head to one of my favourite cities, NYC.

1st time in NY…my cake, and I’m gonna eat it!
the subway on my bday

Since 2008 every other year I’ve spent my birthday in New York. It was my first time and I loved it! I’m a city girl so I expected nothing less. I traveled alone and I managed to meet lots of people so had lots of fun. Then I went again in 2010. With a friend. Not as fun as the first time, but still- its New York!!

2nd time in NY. My comp birthday cake. Corn bread and cream… with a cherry on top!
One of my favourite cities…
I can have my pizza and eat that too… possibly the largest pizza slice in the world?!

I didn’t go this year because, well, of course I’m a responsible student! I couldn’t possibly justify taking a week or so out of my studies to celebrate getting ‘nearer to my 30’s and still in school!’ so, I opted for a road trip to Marseille instead! Marseille. What a marmite city- you either love it or hate it. I was on the verge of hating it after having an egg land on my lap from the sky (well technically the flats above the kebab shop, but as i didnt see who did it, I’ll just blame the skys of Marseille!), but I’ve since changed my verdict. Not sure I love the city, but I really like the city… I loved the long walks through the narrow street, and the walk up the steep roads to get to the Cathedral. The view was definitely worth it.

I wasn’t so keen on the food however. I’m not a fan for French food (unless it’s Pierre Victoire in soho). Ah, but I did try frogs legs! Lets just say, it tastes like chicken with an after taste. Embarrassingly after leaving three restaurants without ordering, I opted for falafel at Au falafel and it was delicious!

Au Falafel was ah Oh so good!!

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