eat pray love… (and sex) and the city of Rio


I’m keeping to the theme of Elizabeth Gilbert’s search for everything. I’m only half way through (it’s Rio- I’ve been distracted)! There are many parts of this book where I lose any connection (and quite frankly would rather be distracted than read another sentence) and would want to throw the book out of the window of the 9th floor room i’m renting or accidentally let it drift into sea… of course, accidentally!
But there are other parts of this book where i can relate to dear Liz and even admire her openness and honest simple style of writing.

So here I am in Rio… and I eat well (and drinking a lot too!), I pray often (it’s nice to actually pray thank yous rather than asking for anything for a change) and I’m in love (with myself, the country and those around me. Any other ideas of love you might be thinking should be erased!… Now!)

Ok so the setting is Rio, and you want sex. Well, you’re not getting it! At least not from me you’re not! Like Liz in chapter 22 and 33, sex just doesn’t interest me. You read that right! It ain’t my ‘word’ or my world mind you.

There’s enough sex available in Rio for those hungry for it- paid or freely given. From the hookers in Copa, the baile funk dancers dry humping in Lapa, and the expats in Santa Teresa ‘networking’ who’s been with who. Its all around me.

I told my mate Ayo about my mission to be celibate and she pause to register it, then laughed flat out in my face!

It’s worth a shot isn’t it?!

This is my time to be completely selfish and have me all to myself. Having a man or any type of meaningless ‘fun’ is going to distract me from this pleasure. I am totally enjoying loving me… I’ve been exercising, eating healthy (the odd pastel is ok… and drink isn’t food so doesn’t count :p ). I’m feeling alive… and I’m looking good!

And looking good at handsome Brazilian men- particularly the deep chocolate complexion ones… Ah what the hell they’re all gorgeous! Why limit myself?! I’m looking good at them from the peripheral of my eye… Look.. But don’t touch. It works both ways.

The only man I’m interested in right now is Roberto (I’ve got your attention now huh?)!

Well, at least I think he is a man (… and I’ve lost it).

Well it seems Roberto is the only one who’s kind enough to share his love for humanity (and sanity) by leaving his wifi access open! Without a single meeting, I’ve become programmed to his schedule. My social life evolves around him-

“8pm is better for me to meet you for a drink”

I tell friends.

Because Roberto will be home long before and that gives me enough time to check my mail and facebook world (and wordpress world- shout out to my followers!) Then anytime between 11pm and 2am he switches off (his wifi that is) and I’m left moaning ‘

just 5 more minutes… 5 more minutes and I’ll be done.’

But of course he doesn’t switch back on. And I’m forced to read or go to bed… Unsatisfied.

I guess he has a 9-5. Well, it’s not like I’d know because ours is a casual relationship. His wifi is off for most of the day… So I have no other choice but to catch the next available guy- or woman.

What the hell, I’m easy… Whoever’s open!

So, back to the real world… Ah, this is Rio, who am I kidding?!

So, back to the real world according to Rio! I’m really loving her… Or could very well be him. Or lets be fair and open minded and say Rio’s an exotic cross of both sexes!

I love the diverseness of Rio’s districts. Each has a different cultural twist.

Look out for my post- A few of my favourite places- Rio de Janeiro for some insight on places to visit!

If you have any suggestions on must-sees in Rio, lets us know by leaving a comment 🙂


What’s your favourite beach read?… Had it ever played a part influencing your trip?

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