Call me crazy… I joined a gym- in Brazil!

That´s right I did. But it wasn´t planned (like that counts!)

I innocently stepped into a gym the other day to try and blag a free one day pass (as you do when you´re feeling too lazy to jog all the way to the beach)… And I stepped out with a membership for a month! This is a different type of danger Brazil possess that no one warns you about… Persuasion! Brazilians are good at it!

I would like to blame it entirely on the cute guy (which one?) who walked past me in his sweaty gym attire and got my thinking why jog to the beach when there´s a gym nearby?

Or I could possibly blame it on the girl at the reception, bless her. Neither understood each other so when I said ´sim, brigada.` really what I was trying to say is, ´thanks for your time but I´m outta here.` But then did I really wanna jog all the way to the beach…? So I joined. Even when I thought I´d have a cop-out because I wasn´t carrying my passport for ID… Anything goes in Brazil!

Anyway off to the gym for a run… to jog indoors with aircon (which I´m possitive Im allergic to). Yes there´s no logic in it but I´ve joined and I have to get my monies worth (only really worth it if I´m using the gym 3 times a day 7 days a week).

Gym memberships in Central cost about 100-200 reais per month depending on the gym and the area.

What’s your workout routine when you’re abroad? Any suggestions? Let me know!



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