Best of 2012… Bloggers!

It didn’t just happen out of the blue you know, this blog. I had to test the waters first… I mean, did I really want to document my travels to the world? And besides, who would want to read what I get up to anyway? It’s not like my travels are unique?… Or so I thought! Reading other blogs has made realise there’s space (and a title) for anyone who wants to blog. They’s a unique twist to be made on even the same stories.

Many bloggers have influenced me in some way or another. There are the ones that have liked my posts and boosted my confidence (imagine what happens when a comment is left)! And those that have breezed through to take a peek (ghost bloggers)!

So, just over 6 months now I’ve been part of the blogging world. Still in the comfort of feeling like a newbie but like a baby eager to get on with it and start walking (or possibly running)!

But if I’ve taken any journalistic advice given to me (even if it isn’t have a niche and stick to it!), it is to have a blog and write regularly!

I surpassed my target to reach 3000 hits before the end of 2012! Thank you all!

Here’s to 2013! Happy New Year Blogging World!!

Saw the New Year in with a BANG! Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro


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