Goodbye 2012… Well hello 2013!

New Year’s Eve spent on Copacabana beach… #priceless

But there is a pricey price tag to see the New Year in a bit of style and luxury if you want to avoid the crowds and it’s estimated 2 million visitors to take to the beach on NYE! Hotels offer private parties and the views are often quite spectacular from roof-tops. Renting a sea-view apartment is also another option. However for those budget conscious you can simply take it to the streets!

There’s something really special about walking on Avenida Atlântica a few hours to mid-night, and almost everyone is in white!

Yemal by Sallie Ann Glassman, picture from Wikipedia
Yemal by Sallie Ann Glassman, picture from Wikipedia

You won’t miss the offerings of flowers to the Afro-Brazilian goddess, Yemanjá in the hopes that she will grant requests for the coming year. The goddess of the ocean, originally brought from Yorubaland by captives to the Americas, is often portrayed as a morena woman rising from the sea. You’ll find Cariocas of different religions alike gathering on Copacabana beach wearing white in Yemanjá’s honour days before New Year’s Eve.

Despite my reservations about being on an over crowded beach (and therefore lack of organisation to make a reservation for say, Copacabana Palace), we, myself and Italian Architect Sergio, opted for a beach-side kiosk party. It was comfortable and well organised, including open buffet and unlimited drinks in the price. Service was great, and for a change we got what we paid for (and I almost considered taking a bottle of champagne for the road… Just to make it a bargain)!

A few minutes to mid-night, we joined others on the crowded beach, however, surprisingly there was enough personal space even for me to do a little samba on the sand (super difficult)!

The moment came for the count-down and after 10 seconds counting backwards in Portuguese, “Happy New Year!” was proclaimed, champagne was sprayed into the air and what was to follow had me memorised for at least 10 minutes…

Spectacular Fireworks…

Possibly the best I’ve ever seen!

Feliz Anos Novo!

in all white... including customised Havaianas!
in all white… including customised Havaianas!

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