Innclusive or Airbnb? This post might help you decide on the home-sharing platform to use when booking your next trip!

When it comes to travel, deciding where to stay is almost as important as planning your trip itself! Safety, comfort, accessibility – these are just a few key factors to bare in mind. If you’ve decided to opt-out of staying in hostel or hotel for a more local feel – Innclusive and Airbnb offer just that!… But which of the two home-sharing hospitality platform could be the better option for you?…


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Let’s start with Innclusive.

I discovered this platform almost two years ago when someone posted in a Facebook group for Black women I follow, her experience of being racially discriminated against on Airbnb, and Innclusive was recommended as an alternative. I became intrigued about this accommodation booking platform which almost mimics Airbnb’s – except it shows diverse representation in the branding! I love this concept – representation is key, and of course the name itself ‘Innclusive’ says it all. So I signed up without hesitation. You get a better understanding of why Innclusive is representative for so many travellers from marginalised groups when you read a personal account from the founder Rohan Gilkes on the incident that triggued him to create Innclusive. There are lots of similar experiences you can read by following the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack

I am a Black man. Here’s what happened when I booked with Airbnb

Whilst I commend this platform, the only downside for me however is, this platform is still fairly ‘new’ which could explain why I personally have troubles finding listings in countries and cities I’m visiting (haven’t had any luck in Brazil for example). However it seems to be widely known in popular European cities, and the US where it was founded (of course there’s also the option to become a host!) If you’re passionate about supporting diversity, or you’ve experienced some from of racism/discrimination through other accommodation platforms – check out Innclusive! Use my special link to signup!


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With 4 million listings worldwide (as of 2018) – Airbnb is a global name in the hospitality industry.  I discovered Airbnb in 2011, and without a doubt it changed the way I travelled. Gone are the days I rely on Couchsurfing (though it was great in the early days!), hostels or expensive hotels. The benefit of Airbnb being so widely known is the vast options of homes, apartments and rooms available (at least for the places I’ve travelled to). If for any reason my request isn’t accepted or cancelled, I usually have other options in the near vicinity (so I’ve never actually thought that that my request could have been declined based on my skin colour, as is the discrimination so many other people of colour have experienced on Airbnb).

Airbnb also offers a great affiliation scheme (this is a great help towards my travels as I don’t generate an income through sales funnels from this blog). Use my special link to get £25 off your first trip (of £55 or more). Thinking about earning some extra money by becoming a host? CLICK HERE!

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have you used Innclusive or Airbnb before? What was your experience? Let me know if the comment box below!

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