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I’m totally fascinated by Africa. To me it means home. Despite growing up in Britain, when people ask me where I’m from, I almost always say Ghana because its most likely that they are curious about my heritage, my features, where my skin is from. I’m African. My aim is to travel to as many African countries as possible. It sounds far-fetched but it can slowly become a reality.

Africa to me means diversity , culture, passion and discovery. I still have so much to learn and see…

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´Highlighting Brazil’s Complex African Identity And Race Issues´… My response


I love travelling to Ghana. Every trip is different for me despite my numerous visits. Thanks to having family and friends there its always a safe bet. I try to avoid peak seasons such as Christmas when Accra feels like a mini ‘London’ due to Diasporans returning home. That period is a bit too flashy for me. The clubs are over packed and  that’s a huge problem for me considering I love to dance. However there is always a great atmosphere with many events.

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Edrin dancing with locals on ‘Oxford Street’ during the World Cup celebrations! 2010
CAN (Africa Cup of Nations) 2008. Ada
During the African Cup of Nations. Fantastic atmosphere!
Cannons of Cape Coast Castle
I am!
James Town, AccraTOGO


My trip to Togo is probably my most adventurous in Africa as I travelled on the back on of a motorbike!… A little out of my comfort zone I’d say! I met up with a CS friend Kwame, who I met in Israel in december last year. We immediately got along especially when I told him I’m Ghanaian (Kwame is half Ghanaian and French)). I told him about how great it would be to visit the neighbouring countries to Ghana. Then he simply said ‘lets go with my moto!’ Initially the idea was fantastic!.. But when I got home and evaluated the situation- hours on the back of a motorbike riding on African roads- “get real” I thought!

So I called Kwame and made a suitable excuse that I didn’t have a helmet. But of course, Kwame had managed to get on for me so I said my travellers prayer, put my helmet on and held on tight!…

Posts on Togo

Jumping for joy in Lome, Togo
Travelling around Lome on the motorbike
in Accra heading to Lome
enjoying the beach!
more jumping… for joy!


My first time in Egypt was through transit aged 12/13 with my dad on our way to Accra. We woke up too late to do any sight-seeing so that trip doesn’t really count! Thankfully I had a great opportunity to visit again when I was chosen to model with the TMGH (Top Model Ghana) models for GH’s 50th anniversary event in Cairo 2007. Fun times!

posing in the Egyptian desert…
posing with the TMGH models
more posing haha!
standing on history…
i’m here!


I hadn’t heard of these Islands of the West African coast until about six years ago when a photographer friend posted pictures of the island online and I just knew I would visit one day. Luckily I was fortunate to visit in 2011 after finding a cheap ticket with TAP airlines. This trip was a milestone in my development as a travel journalist. I didn’t speak the language (officially Portuguese and Creole), I didn’t really have a plan. I was just going with my gut feeling… And it was worth it!

Mural wall painting on a street in Praia, Santiago Island
Power Africa! A t-shirt in a market
Climbing the volcano, Fogo island
Fogo wine- recommended!
local children signing my book! Sal island
Emmerson, the young boy who stole my heart! Sal island
Praia shoot
Praia photoshoot
enjoying fried eel on the streets of Praia- delicious!
new t-shirt bought from Senegalese stall… love it!


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    1. I love it too lol! Bought it from a Senegalese seller in Cape Verde… Always a must have when I’m travelling now. Nothing says proud African than wearing the continent on my chest lol!

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      1. I totally agree! No matter where we live in the world we should been proud of the motherland. We should never shy away from the beauty of Africa. I’m planning on going there in the future. I have friends who have been there and showed me amazing pictures.

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    1. I was in Ethiopia last summer for a wedding! I still have to update my post on that trip. I’d love to explore East Africa a lot more. Keeping my fingers crossed an opportunity this year will arise. Thanks for the comment!

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