Carnival da Bahia… Ouro Negro!

If you choose to be in Salvador da Bahia for the 'The biggest street party in the world' as opposed to Rio's world-famous Sambadrome, or any other carnival in Brazil for that matter, there is most probably a reason behind this decision.

Press stop- Pelourinho!

The carnival in Salvador is in full swing! In every corner of Salvador's historic centre - Pelourinho, lurks something captivating for the camera... And that's before any of the parades have begun! So it goes without saying, I was thankful to discover a press centre for journalist to 'recharge' not just the batteries for their... Continue Reading →

Amigos da Bahia… Japan!

The relationship between Brazil and Japan goes beyond economic relations between the two countries... It extends to music; samba! I got these shots of this Japanese samba band parading at the festa de Yemaja... They certainly had me on my feet doing a little samba!

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